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I pretty much ditched Wet ‘n Wild after the 6th grade, learning that if you spend three more dollars on nail polish, it will probably last at least three days longer. Plus, baby blue glitter eyeliner was definitely on its way out. But a 90’s girl can’t stay away from Wet ‘n Wild for long! One of my friends got me a pack of Wet ‘n Wild’s Mega Last nail polishes for my birthday, and I was mega curious. Could a bottle of $1.99 nail polish outlast Essie or O.P.I? This girl put it to the test.



This is day five and not a single chip. Impressive, Wet ‘n Wild! As a girl who likes to keep her nails fresh at all times (hello, I write for HelloGiggles!) yet has a busy schedule, I like my polish durable and long-lasting. Furthermore, a lot of nail polishes I’ve been buying lately (that are pricey, too) come out too sheer and call for a second or even third coat. This means double the time to dry, which is double the annoying. Wet ‘n Wild’s Mega Last nail polishes brush on smoothly, evenly, and you could do with one coat. I did two, just to be on the safe side, but it still dried extremely quickly. Plus, the bottle comes with a thicker brush, which initially freaked me out, but actually proved to be a lot easier than some of the skinnier nail polish brushes.


There are a ton of awesome colors, too.  Right now, I’m wearing Club Havana, but I really like Through the Grapevine (dark pink) and I Need a Refresh-Mint (turquoise) which are some vibrant, fun summer shades.

So, if you’re looking for some serious quality, cuteness, and 90’s nostalgia for $1.99 a bottle, this is perfect for you! You can purchase them here or at Target.

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  • Julia Diane Williams

    Club havana is the best! I’ve been wearing it all the time since last summer. I’ve even used it to update some old silver jewelry I had around.

  • Jessica de Ryk

    I love this stuff!!! I actually bought the color in the picture above (it’s almost a grey-ish teal on the nail) and got a ton of compliments. Plus, like your test proves, it remained chip-free for over a week! The only negative (which is, by no means, a reason to discount this stuff) is that it is hard to take off with your standard cotton-ball and polish remover. You really have to scrub at it for awhile.

    But overall, a must buy!!!!

    • Gina Vaynshteyn

      Oooh, good to know!

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