Item of the Day: Valiant Watches

I’m not going to sit here and say that I have trouble reading analog clocks, because I don’t! If that were true, I would be very embarassed, and my second grade teacher would have every right to team up with my parents and beat my Gen. Y behind into oblivion. Let’s face it, though – we are surrounded by digital clocks and sometimes it’s nice to bask in the glow of the analog’s happy, round face.

I think I’ve told you before that my personal style is bright everything and sometimes unmatching. So when I discovered Valiant Watches, I was psyched. Valiant doesn’t just sell watches, they offer customizable options and parts that allow you the freedom of switching up the style of your watch, whenever your little heart desires. I went in and designed my own, and it was extremely easy to do. You choose the colors for each individual part: buckle strap, top ring, face, case and hole strap. My analog buddy arrived promptly after I placed my order and it was in three separate parts. The two straps and the watch itself were not pre-assembled. After my initial panic (because I suck at putting things together) and reliving some painful memories of IKEA purchases past, I realized that the watch had clear notches for the straps to fit into. PHEW.

When I was browsing the different options, I noticed that the site has some featured watches that you can buy and one was a GO LAKERS! design. Now, I love hockey more than any normal human should, so I designed my watch using the colors of the STANLEY CUP CHAMPION Los Angeles Kings (seen below). This lockout is killing me, by the way. Until my boys return to the ice, I’m glad I have this little round face to serve as a reminder of how just a few months ago, the Kings brought a cup home to my town for the first time in franchise history. GO KINGS GO.

More info on this .com – Valiant is also a very charitable organization. Most recently, they have been partnered with The All-American Rejects lead singer, Tyson Ritter and his charity, Don’t Hate on Haiti.  When Valiant begins working with a charity, they ask the organization to “create” a watch to reflect their unique organizations. These designs are then “Featured” on the website with a write-up to educate customers and give them an opportunity to make a difference.  Of each “Featured” Watch purchased – 25% is donated to its perspective charity. Other charities they work closely with are: Briggs4Kidz, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, and Dominic’s Designated Driver. Valiant’s goal is create awareness and build a more active and supportive community.

So you could buy yourself a watch, and cross off your good deed for the day?  Hooray for zero buyer’s remorse. Head on over to Valiant and design your watch today!

Image via AllianceWake

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