Item of the Day: Typewriter Key Bracelet

Poor typewriters. They may be beautiful contraptions, but they’re basically useless in modern times. Sure, they might have that retro-cool aesthetic, but have you ever actually used one? I have, and you know what? They’re incredibly annoying.

With this typewriter key bracelet from Junxtaposition, we can all appreciate the eye-catching appeal of typewriter keys without having to, you know, use a typewriter. For $40, you can buy a bracelet made of assorted keys (if you want to pay more, you can specify which keys you want). I have one of my own, and it never fails to net me some compliments from strangers. The message I imagine it sends to the world is, “I’m a cool literary chick who’s probably going to go home to work on my novel or read some poetry.” More likely, the message it sends is something like, “Sweet bracelet!” Either way, this unique jewelry will make you feel stylish and smart.

You can order your own typewriter key bracelet on the Junxtaposition website. While you’re there, pick up a typewriter key pendant with your initial or a cool skeleton key necklace.

Images via Junxtaposition

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