Item Of The Day: The Liar, The Bitch And The Wardrobe

Our very own lovely and delightful Allie Kingsley has written her first book, and it’s finally here! I was lucky enough to get to read it early, and I could NOT put it down. The book gives an insider perspective into the not-so-glamorous, yet somehow deliciously fabulous, life of a Hollywood assistant. You get to follow Lucy Butler down the fame rabbit hole, and experience her triumphs, defeats and of course her unbelievable wardrobe. She is definitely a character you root for and to whom you can relate.

Summer might be over, but reading this will make you feel like you’re poolside. But poolside somewhere fabulous, or like, lying in a hammock in Bora Bora. Basically, The Liar, The Bitch and The Wardrobe is like a much-needed vacation for your soul.

You can buy LBW at all major bookstores, get it on Amazon or download it on your e-reader.

  • Alise Versella

    Hello fellow writer! I am looking forward to reading your book it sounds entertaining :) Do you have any tips for a self published author? Please feel free to follow me on twitter as well :)

  • Britt Bulens

    I’ve been wanting to read this ever since Allie posted that story about the aftermath of her backpacking experience… :) So excited!

  • Allie Kingsley

    Thanks Alise and Britt! Alise – I’m not too familiar with self-publishing but I know that there are many different options. I think that you should look into all of them and see what is best for you! Britt – thanks for being excited! Happy reading ladies! xoxo

  • Tracy Hodgson

    I can’t get it in the UK! SAD!!!

  • Allie Kingsley

    You are able to get it in the UK by going to :) xoxo

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