Item of the Day: The JV Club

Did you know that Christina Hendricks used to be Goth? You know, Christina Hendricks, the one with the flowing red hair and the gorgeous red carpet ensembles and the hit TV show? It’s hard to believe, but even someone like Christina Hendricks was a teenager once and that’s what The JV Club is all about. The podcast, hosted by the lovely and hilarious Janet Varney, explores the jungle known as adolescence. You’ll hear about romances, garage bands, important female friendships and so many awkward moments. You also learn a lot about the amazing ladies Janet interviews. The Office‘s Angela Kinsey grew up in Indonesia, comedian Natasha Leggero used to terrorize bus drivers and penpals alike and everyone loves Anne of Green Gables because only a sociopath would hate such a perfect work of art.

Other guests include June Diane Raphael, Gillian Jacobs of Community, Kerri Kenney-Silver, Jen Kirkman, Hello Giggles favorite Jessica St. Clair and many more.It’s both inspirational and reassuring to see that all of these smart, talented women got through their rough years and made it to the other side. As the description on the Nerdist website reads, “Warning: This Podcast Contains Sincerity.” Although The JV Club is usually funny, it also delves into the real feelings, hopes and dreams that these women had as kids.

Plus, Janet Varney is so warm, funny and full of genuinely heartfelt advice to girls that I wish she was my real-life friend, instead of just my imaginary podcast friend.

Check out The JV Club on the Nerdist website or subscribe on iTunes!

Image via Nerdist

  • Marie Medina

    I thought I was the only one with imaginary podcast friends! I met Chris Hardwick a couple months ago in a Starbucks and had to remind myself we weren’t besties, I just thought we were haha

  • Julia Hogg

    I couldn’t agree more with this whole thing. Janet is just the best and The JV Club is like the best free therapy you didn’t know you needed till you got it. And not only that but it’s pretty damn funny, too!

    I strongly urge everyone to check out The JV Club, it’s such a positive thing to be putting in your ears every week.

  • Rebecca Kennedy

    I’ve found that redheads in particular really identify with the whole goth culture. Most red heads I know have had that phase, myself included. I’ll have to check out this JV club though :)

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