Item of the Day: The F.Scott Fitzgerald Classics from Penguin Books

I like to think that I am well-read. In truth, I was well-read until I hit my teens and discovered boys, Buffy and browsing the web. Since then, well, I do read, but not as much as I should. The number of ticks I can add to any ‘100 books to read before you die’ list is decidedly average.

Enter this deliciously designed hardback release of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s works – enough to make anyone crack a book once in a while*. The deco designs will, yes, look good on your bookshelf – but will also make you want to take them out to read on the tube, bus, even walking down the street**. What’s more appealing than a stranger with an eye for design and good taste in literature? Nothing.

You can buy them direct from Penguin Books.

* Spot the quote

** Don’t read and walk. It’s stupid. If you do, I’ll scowl and tut at you.

  • Holly Kooi

    Thank you for writing about this find! I’ve read everything by Fitzgerald, I just talked my husband into reading The Great Gatsby, and he’s constantly nagging me to read more – a great few reasons for this purchase. So pumped. Thanks again!

  • InĂªs Matos

    I share the same love for Penguin Books’s covers. They also have these special book collection which the covers are inspired by American classic tattoos designs. The books are lighter than these ones, so you still be able to impress the hot dude seat across you in the subway without getting your back hurt by the end of the day.
    Although, these Fitzgerald covers are beyond gorgeous! I also felt in love with it about a year ago at Christmas time. Unfortunately I didn’t buy it right a way and it disappeared. In spite of big book shops here in Lisbon having Peguin’s books, I never put my eyes on them again! I guess I will have to do some shopping at Amazon…

  • Angela Harris

    LOVE!! I have two of the three!! Currently my third copy of Gatsby … Yeah I’m that cool

  • Joseph Nevin

    I just finished buying the series through Amazon marketplace. Fitzgerald is my favorite author so I needed these on my shelves, plus it’s great to read some of the lesser known stories. The designer, Coralie Bickford-Smith, also does most of the most beautiful Penguin book covers I have ever seen.

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