Item of the Day: The Cookie Cup (Edible Espresso Cups)

(Image is copyright of Sardi Innovations)

My coffee addiction will soon be reaching a new and rather aristocratic level. LaMill Coffee has no chance of winning me back, because Venezuelan designer Enrique Luis Sardi has transformed the experience of drinking coffee by creating an edible espresso cup known as The Cookie Cup for Lavazza, “Italy’s favorite coffee”.  Inside the coffee cup is a lining of icing sugar, which serves to insulate the cup and make it waterproof.  Enjoy eating a biscuit while drinking coffee with sugar at the same time, and then revel in the fact that you’re not making a carbon footprint because no paper or plastic is involved.  Oh, I just can’t stand it!  Take me to Venice so I can drink a Sardi cup every single day!  According to, these will be available in the US soon, so keep a look out…or just call Lavazza a whole bunch so they can speed up the exporting process.  Don’t really do that…but let’s hope a crazy coffee addict like me does.  Happy drinking!  I mean, coffee drinking!

(Delicious image is copyright of Sardi Innovations, and pulled from