Item of the Day: The Bends by Radiohead

Radiohead. My favourite band? Yes. One of the most loved British bands of all time? For sure.

The Bends. Their best album? Perhaps. It’s hard to say. It was certainly a life-changing album for me – and many, many of my peers. By “peers”, I mean “people of/around my generation who first truly fell in love with music because of Britpop – at the time, Radiohead were hanging around the outskirts of the Britpop party like the weird kid that’s still cool because it’s obvious they’re going to be more successful than any of us.

I’m no music reviewer but, if you’re a music fan who missed Radiohead at the time by way of being too young or, you know, had your head in a box, check out The Bends – it influenced so much music today. It’s also an album that can mean very different things to you at different eras of your life. Believe me, I know.