Item of the Day – Sweet Anthem Perfume

Do you consider yourself a lover of perfume? Do you enjoy supporting products and companies that are cruelty-free? Do you aspire to smell like a magical wonderland of fruits or fields of wildflowers or the best winter evening in by the fire?

Then you, my friend, really ought to like Sweet Anthem Perfume. Sweet Anthem is run by independent perfumer Meredith Smith. It’s based out of Seattle and every batch of perfume is handmade by Meredith herself. Products are vegan and therefore cruelty-free. There are three different types of perfume sold: solid, oil and eau de parfum. My personal favorite is the oil format, because it stays on all day and lingers on my skin. There are several different scent families to choose from, including Musk, Floral, Woods and Citrus. My go-to is Anita in the musk category. It smells like a winter wonderland and cookies baking in the kitchen and minty goodness, without actually making me smell like food. It’s the kind of perfume that, when people hug me, makes them hug me longer.

Sweet Anthem started out on Etsy, but is now also an actual brick-and-mortar shop in Seattle. You can make an appointment to have Meredith custom design a perfume just for you. But don’t worry, if you’re not in the Pacific Northwest anytime soon, you can order a sample set straight to your door to decide which scent is perfect for you! Best of all, Meredith is known for having amazing customer service and being ever so willing to work with you.

Check out Sweet Anthem for a unique, indie perfumery experience.

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