Item of the Day: Sunstache Frames

I’ve tried the stick-on mustache thing, but it was getting on my nerves.  A solution to my problem?  Sunstache frames from Claire’s!  Mustaches on ladies can be comical, but for me, this is a purely classy product, if worn in a sleek black shade.  If you’re going for silly though, try the pink glow in the dark frames with a zebra print mustache, black glow in the dark with white mustache logos on the frames or the brown leopard print frames with a black mustache, as shown below. Use them for Halloween, Mardi Gras or do like I do and sport them at your next dinner party.  Buy yours here today, tomorrow, next week, or right before Purim (if you’re Jewish like me).  You’ll be sure to make someone giggle or maybe they’ll just be jellin’ at your new way cool look.

(Images from Claire's)

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