Item of the Day: Stuff by Nicole

I am a huge sucker for greeting cards (even though I almost never keep greeting cards that I get for my birthday or other holidays). I collect a few different types of cards that I find at cute little boutique stores. My walls are lined with them, especially if they have inspirational quotes. I love giving cards so very much, especially because I would never just wander into a grocery store and pick out something lame. If I ever give you a card, it means a WHOLE BUNCH OF SERIOUS THINGS. Like, it’s your birthday or Christmas and I really love you.

When I was trying to sucker my ex-boyfriend back into dating me (it did not work, don’t worry), I gave him the cutest card imaginable for Valentine’s Day. I kept the sticker on my laptop by my touchpad and just decided to wander to the etsy shop Stuff by Nicole and found the best Christmas cards ever.

If you guys can find something cuter than any of those pictures above, I wanna know about it, but I bet you can’t because mistletoe kisses are the most adorable thing in the world.

Seriously. Love is in the air, and these cards have got it down. Oh and if you really explore the shop, you’ll find awesome zodiac cards and magnets. And you guys know how crazy I am for astrology stuff! The Leo is the cutest, of course!

I am so buying those cards ASAP.

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