Item of the Day: Strip Tea Glasses

Let me just say, I LOVE Fishs Eddy. This store gets me, you know?

When I’m bored walking around Union Square in New York I always say to myself, “Well, I could go check out Fishs Eddy.” It’s a great store and they have awesome glassware and cake stands and linens and these awesome glove molds.

But then I saw these Strip Tea Glasses. They are amazing.

How cute are these lovely ladies? Also, how cute would it be with some OJ inside? So cute.

These Strip Tea Glasses come individually or as a set of 4 for $24 which you can buy here.

There’s also “Strip He” Glasses too! Just check out the Fishs Eddy website. It’s great and I know from experience that you CAN register for a wedding there.

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