Item of the Day: ‘State It' Custom Cards

Oh my goodness, what can I say about these adorable cards? Everyone has someone they love who is far away for whatever reason and what better way to show you’re thinking about them than with a cute card?!

They’re $4 each and they’re totally customizable. So if you’re in Wyoming and your bff/love/child/mom/whatever is in Alaska – no problem, she can make them! I just love the look of the cards and since I’m moving across the country from my bff I’m definitely going to need a NY/CA card (or 3) to send to her!

Kaitlin Howard, who designs the cards and runs the shop is extremely talented and one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet (I went to high school with her so this is a real testimony) and I mean, just look at her cards! She also has birthday, baby announcement and thank you cards. Really, anything you could possibly need!

Check out her shop here: State It and follow her on Tumblr, she does a lot of hiking and takes awesome pictures, too.

(All images via Kaitlin Howard)