Item of the Day

The coffee loving maniac in your life will really appreciate a cute trinket for the Christmas tree. But I don’t believe these ornaments are limited to only those who set up trees. They might knock over a menorah, so there are other creative ways to use these ornaments. Cut the strings off and just set them on your desk at work. Hang them with a tack from a bulletin board behind you. Or just carry them with you everyday so that you can fondle them like stress balls.

Though they have no function other than to sit there (or hang there) and look cute, they’re just so enjoyable. As a huge (or fat) fan of coffee, these items warm my heart for the simple fact that they are miniatures of the items with which I lock lips every morning.

I just picked on up this morning for a colleague who has been so generous with me. She’s brought me coffee and those amazing pumpkin cheese muffins from Starbucks. I bought her one of these ornaments as well as a gift card to further encourage our most favorite vice.

Ornaments run about $4.95 and make for a quick and thoughtful gift.

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