Item of the Day: Spacecraft 3D Iphone App

Geek out with me and let’s explore a variety of spacecrafts together with NASA’s Spacecraft 3D iPhone app.  Introduced to me by a friend and geologist on the Mars Rover Curiosity mission, Spacecraft 3D creates an augmented reality that lets you see miniature versions of the Mars Rover Curiosity, Cassini, Voyager, Dawn, and Juno in a 3D form.  Basically, you can know what it’s like to have the Mars Rover Curiosity drive onto your kitchen table.  Using an AR target that’s printed on a piece of paper, place the camera of your iPhone (3GS-5), iPod touch (3rd-5th generation) or iPad above it and you’ll see how various spacecrafts move.  It’s like the 3D Tupac Hologram at Coachella 2012, but way better.  Buy your new “spacecraft” HERE today.

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