Item of the Day: Soludos Espadrilles

Don’t get it twisted, I love TOMS. How can you not love a shoe with a mission that looks like a cross between an ace bandage and a feed sack?  But let’s take a step back. Soludos are over five centuries old. FIVE CENTURIES. That’s a half a millennium; that’s a lot of years. Five centuries can’t be wrong.

As we approach the peaks of the summertime temps, sometimes you need a little footwear that understands what’s going on inside those sweat-caves we call shoes. Summer is hot. Sweat-soaked feet are not.  Somehow, Soludos gets that. The shoes are constructed from jute, which is just a fabulous word in and of itself. The jute they use is perfect. As Goldilocks would say, it’s not too hard, it’s not too soft — it’s just right.

The uppers are 100% cotton for that breezy breathable feel. They use inner linings, which many espadrilles do not, for extra comfort and support. Because if your shoes aren’t going to comfort and support you, who will? There are a dizzying amount of fabrics and patterns to choose from, which really plays into my most valued quality, indecision. The sole has a rubber coating in case of flash-floods which puts my soul at ease.  Can never be too prepared for flash-floods. Lastly, they don’t even nearly break the bank. So you can be styling and still have some leftover cashola for that straw hat. SUN PROTECTION. From $28.00. Available at




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