Item of the Day: Social Networking Shower Curtain

I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I’m an Internet person. I’m glued to my Twitter, sewn to my Facebook, attached at the hip to my Instagram and pretty much handcuffed to my Gmail account. I kinda hate it but I kinda love it. I think that’s how most people feel about social networking, right? It can be annoying but at the same time it’s become such a big part of life these days that it’s hard to totally unplug, or to even want to unplug.

But if you buy this shower curtain, you’ll NEVER REALLY HAVE TO UNPLUG AGAIN MUHWAHAHAHA! You can Facebook while you Facebook while you shower while you Facebook. I think this shower curtain is perfect for a gag gift, or even for a college apartment; you can snag it from the awesome online store Fred Flare.  It’s complete with clever status updates from friends like ‘Wash Basin’ and ‘Shower Head,’ but thankfully the sketchy guy in the pink showercap doesn’t come with.

Image via Fred Flare


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