Item of the Day: Single Prism Ring by Unearthen

By Unearthen

A lot of ladies dream of being proposed to with a diamond ring, whether it’s almost swallowed from a glass of champagne, hidden in a gondola or presented after a huge live lip-dub proposal performed by a bunch of friends to a Bruno Mars song.  I don’t dream of diamonds in a “Girl’s Best Friend” way, so when I found this uniquely designed single prism crystal ring by Unearthen Jewelry, I Pinterested it in my “Hints to Boyfriend” section because it looks more badass than a classic princess cut and I’d probably be able to live with it for a lifetime without worrying about it falling down the sink and never returning again.  It’s affordable, pretty and also practical if you’re going to go rock climbing with it.  It can also just be a ring you like to wear on your index finger.  Check the single prism ring out here, along with the many other whimsical designs by Unearthen, which, BTW, will become your new favorite jewelry line.  For design updates, and them on Facebook, but be careful.  You WILL want their entire collection.

Single Prism Ring by Unearthen (All Images from Unearthen's site)