Item of the Day: Singing "Soft Kitty"

I have a cold you guys…it’s miserable and despite my many requests via twitter (*tweet, tweet* Penny…*tweet, tweet* Penny…*tweet, tweet* Penny), Kaley Cuoco still refuses to come to my house and sing the Soft Kitty song.  If we’ve learned anything from The Big Bang Theory (and let’s be real here, we’ve learned a lot from TBBT), it’s that when you’re sick someone needs to sing you the Soft Kitty song.  If you can’t convince Kaley to come to your house either, then click on over to ThinkGeek and grab a stuffed soft kitty of your very own and it will sing you the Soft Kitty song any time you want!  There’s all sorts of other soft kitty gear too (soft kitty snuggie, anyone?) but I think this stuffed little guy is just the best!

If you haven’t seen or heard (whaaaa?!?) the soft kitty song, you can check it out here: The Big Bang Theory – Soft Kitty

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