Item of The Day: Shadows On Stars LP

I love hearing new music that makes you think, “Damn girl, where you been all my life?” Shadows On Stars is one of these delicious musical discoveries. Their debut self-titled album, Shadows on Stars,  is out now, and it sounds like Goldfrapp, disco era Blondie, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, a frantic Au Revoir Simone and the best party ever all had a fight and then Janelle Monae was like, “Whoa, wait, let me get in there” and she did and they fought more and Arcade Fire was like, “Wait up, guys, let’s throw some ‘Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)’ in there” and they did and EVERYONE was the winner. There’s a giddy joy in their sound, especially in the track “Glass Fingers” which I have made my new personal theme song (mine).

You can buy their album on iTunes here or listen to it on Spotify here or on Rdio here.

Faves: “Glass Fingers,” “I’ll Be The Light,” “Now You’re Mine,” “Sweat Pant Bandits”

“We could watch the TV or some movies/I don’t care what we do/As long as it’s nothing compared to the something that everybody tries to do…We are the sweat pant bandits.”

Who are some of your favorite recent musical discoveries?

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