Item Of The Day: Seasonal Pop Tarts

I’m really weird about breakfast.  With the obvious exception of brunch at the weekends, I will eat the exact same thing every day, without fail.  In elementary school, for two years straight, I had a blueberry frosted Pop Tart every morning for breakfast, before switching my allegiance to Wild Berry.  (I had a brief fling with Regina George’s dad’s claim to fame, but I really don’t like toaster strudel that much.)  As an adult, I’ve switched to breakfast foods with slightly more nutritional value, but I still enjoy a Pop Tart now and again. That’s good, because the folks there have really stepped up their game.  This holiday season has brought us Pop Tarts in both Pumpkin Pie and Gingerbread flavors.  I sampled the gingerbread yesterday and while I’m not going to tell you it tastes just like your grandma’s Christmas cookies, I can say it’s a step up from your usual breakfast fare.  I cannot speak to the pumpkin pie flavor as I have not tasted it myself, but one of my friends actually wept with joy when I presented her with a box of them, so there’s that.

Available sporadically at grocery stores (I hunted for awhile before finding some at Target), or if you simply must have them now, you can order them.

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