Item Of The Day: Sabrina The Teenage Witch Complete DVD Box Set

Sometimes it seems that no week goes by without someone on this fine website mentioning Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Until recently, I thought it was just my friend Carrie and me that had this mild obsession (cultivated during the summer holidays when we returned from separate lives to our home town and re-bonded over the seemingly endless marathons on Nickelodeon).

As soon as DVD box sets became ‘the’ thing, we started hunting for the release of Sabrina on DVD. We must have given up or gotten busy or something because whaddya know – I’ve just realised it’s available IN FULL or in individual seasons if you prefer. And probably has been for quite a while.

Too young, or had too much going on as a teenager to have appreciated the wonder of Sabrina Spellman? You just need to know that it’s about a beautiful-but-awkward teenager who goes to live with her aunts, and finds out she is a witch. Watch her get into all sorts of scrapes as she struggles to come to terms with her new superpowers – and learns some life lessons along the way. As will you. Plus, there’s a talking cat. Who doesn’t love a talking cat?

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