ITEM OF THE DAYItem of the Day: "Rookie Yearbook Two"Chrissa Hardy

It’s finally here, you guys. Rookie Yearbook Two is on sale TODAY (10/1) and I’m thrilled to report that it’s just as spectacular as Yearbook One. In fact, it’s even better. Tavi Gevinson (Queen of my inner tween) has assembled her brilliant team of writers, illustrators, photographers, and besties to give you a gorgeous, tangible recap of their sophomore year online.

There are playlists, breathtakingly honest essays, tips for aspiring writers, a DIY on how to build a computer, STICKERS!, interviews with Carrie Brownstein, Emma Watson, and Molly Ringwald, TAROT CARDS!, a very special interview with Mindy Kaling conducted by Lena Dunham AND letters to Rookie readers from Mindy and Judy Blume. And that’s just a taste, because there’s so much more to enjoy in this book.

This is not just a book for teenagers though. If you’re a teen now, yes, this book will speak to you. As will everything that goes on But the wonderful thing about this site and this book, is that Tavi is able to capture the ins and outs of the teenage experience. A time in our lives wherein every little detail is heightened with hormones and new choices. It doesn’t matter what age you are. Rookie Yearbook Two is perfect for you.

Order your copy here.

PS – I just loved this. #winonaforever

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