Item of the Day: Recipes For Disaster By Tess Rafferty

Anyone who is a fan of The Soup knows how riotously funny Tess Rafferty is. When I found out she’d written a book I got my hands on it immediately, and I was SO not disappointed. Tess is endearingly hilarious, and the only bad thing about having read this book is knowing how much fun I’ve missed out on by not being invited to one of her dinner parties.

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Starting with the Thanksgiving turkey that never quite finishes cooking, then moving to the polenta that unceremoniously goes runny; from the guests that arrive a day early to the ones who audaciously bring an ill-flavored casserole to the dinner party you’ve expertly crafted—there is no topic Tess Rafferty fails to encounter, or hilariously recount. Recipes for Disaster is as though Bridget Jones wrote a culinary narrative—the most pristine of intentions slowly disappear, as does the wine along with any hope of a seamless and well-orchestrated dinner party.

Told with heart, humor and honesty; this memoir goes beyond culinary catastrophe and heartwarmingly unveils the lengths we go to in order to please our family, friends, and ourselves—and proves that it’s not the food that counts, but the memories. Aptly timed for all the Thanksgiving chefs about to enter the holiday gauntlet; or the guests headed to their dinners—this is the perfect book to read and then savor.