Item of the Day – Privé Volumizing Dry Shampoo

As a girl on the go and also one who enjoys slapping the snooze button on her alarm clock 3x more than what’s necessary, getting my hair ready in the morning is increasingly becoming a science all on its own. Since my locks fall halfway down my back, there’s only so long I can spend arranging my hair to look nice and not at all like a rat’s nest before heading into the office. This is why I’m thankful for dry shampoo, namely Privé’s Volumizing Dry Shampoo, which literally only takes three minutes to bring my hair to shiny life after a night of major bedhead.

How dry shampoo works is simple. Since it’s dry, you’re not going to attempt to spray it into your hand or anything. You shake the can up well, hold it about eight inches away from your scalp and spray it on your roots and all over your hair. Wait three minutes, then brush it out, and style from there! No need for water or frantically blowing the blow dryer through your hair waiting for your hair to dry.

Best of all, it doesn’t matter what color or type of hair you have – Privé has you covered with this dry shampoo and makes it easier than ever to take your hair from day into night while still keeping plenty of volume in your ‘do!

Excuse me while I give this can of shampoo a round of applause for allowing me to get some extra shuteye while still looking chic.

For more information on how to pick up a can for yourself, head on over to the official Privé Products website.

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