Item of the Day: Power Couple Pencils

If, like me, your teen years were defined by parasocial relationships with dysfunctional/fictional teen couples, these pencils are for YOU! These pencils are perfect for doing geometry proofs (hello erasers), English compositions or even (most importantly) doodling your name + crushes last name = future potential married names. I personally wore out a notebook or three with Mrs. Courtney Catalano and I still think it sounds amazing. I wouldn’t hold it against you if your predilections directed you more toward, say, a Mrs. Morris. At 8 dollars for 8 pencils you can’t beat the key to a potential dream identity right at your fingertips. Get the composition books ready.

Available from Greenwich Letterpress.

  • Joanna Angel Benson

    Forgive me if i sound clueless but Angela & Jordan? what show are they from?

    • Missy Anne

      Angela and Jordan are from My So Called Life. :-)

  • Melanie Broussalian

    Dawson and Joey?? Shouldn’t it by Pacey and Joey?? Just sayin…

  • Madeline Allen

    What about Cory and Topanga???

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