Item of the Day: PopPhysique DVDs

I know you can give me a whole list of reasons why I should go work out. It’s not that I disagree. It’s just that sometimes I’m too lazy to put on pants. And don’t even think about suggesting shoes. With laces? Are you serious? Girrrrrrrrl…

Luckily for girls like me, Los Angeles-based studio PopPhysique put out a series of at-home workout DVDs that require neither shoes nor pants. As you can see from the DVD covers, you can do the entire workout in your retro-inspired underwear (though if you don’t own retro-inspired underwear, I think any underwear style will suffice.) For those of you who are unfamiliar with PopPhysique, it’s in the same line as the barre workouts that I know some of you love. It combines ballet barre and pilates exercises with yoga stretches for an intense workout that gives you long, lean muscles and a dancer’s physique.

The instructors (looking aspirationally super-gorgeous, may I add) take you through a full body workout in each DVD. After a brief warm up, there is a core workout, arm workouts, a KILLER thigh workout, seat work, abs, more seat work and a cool down. The instructors carefully guide you through each exercise until your muscles are shaking. According to them, shaking muscles are changing muscles. They must know what they are talking about, though. Because ever since I started taking classes at PopPhysique about a year and a half ago, I’m the smallest I’ve been since junior high. I’m also a heck of a lot stronger.

If you haven’t tried PopPhysique or any similar barre exercise before, don’t worry. The instructors do a great job of explaining the exercises and are constantly reminding you of your form. Plus, you can always pause and rewind until you understand. I tested the series on my sister who hadn’t taken bar method in the past. After about a month of doing “Original Butt” at least 3 times a week, she is in love with both the workout and her perky new derriere. She also said that the “Hardcore” is super intense for beginners and that “Cardio Butt School” was fun, but moved faster than the other DVDs.

The DVD’s are available on Amazon individually for $14.99 each or $29.95 for the set, plus shipping. While you don’t need pants, you do need a sturdy chair, light weights (2 lbs. and 3 lbs. should do it) and an exercise mat. You can find out more about PopPhysique at their website if you want more information. Get ready for those legs to shake!

Image from Amazon