Item of the Day: Pizza Party by Parker Brothers!

A significant portion of my childhood hinged on pizza. There were parties built around this very food. There were slices as rewards for good behavior and promises of withholding this golden manna if I tormented my sister too much. There was a phase where I refused to eat anything but pizza and drink guava juice out of a bottle — what can I say, I’m a woman of singular tastes. Did I mention I was 6 at the time? What more can you ask for out of a game than to combine two amazing passions: Pizza and PIZZA. And education. All for educational toys. The concept is simple enough — there are four color coded pie slices with six slots used to hold ingredients. There are six of each of the four ingredient tiles and — wait for it — two SWITCH pieces for each color. Think of the Switch as the joker of the game. If you flip a Switch, the lucky ace can either trade it with the player of the corresponding color or if they get their own Switch piece, can trade with anyone. Watch out now. Players take turns flipping over discs on their turn and if it matches the topping they already have, they get to PUT THAT TOPPING ON THEIR SLICE. Too much to handle. This classic can be updated for the times by spicing the game up with some friendly wagers. While eating a pizza you ordered and paid for yourself. GO ON WIT DAT MATURITY.

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