Item of the Day: Pizza Ice Cream?!

Do you remember being a child and wanting to combine all of your favorite things into one giant…favorite…thing? Maybe you are not a person of extreme excess like I am, but when I was a little rugrat, I could not stop dreaming about things I wanted to combine to make my love even stronger.

Like what if all of my favorite shows were on on the SAME NIGHT? What if Full House and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air had a crossover episode? What if N’Sync did an episode of The Simpsons? (And then that did happen, because dreams come true!)

And food fusions were even more exciting because you can do whatever you want with food! Love cheeseburgers and pie? Impossible Cheeseburger Pie (what we called it as kids), done. Love the idea of root beer floats, but you like Coca-Cola better? Coke float, done. When Ritz came out with their (now no longer!) brown sugar cinnamon crackers, I was so overwhelmed with excitement that I called my friend in Bellingham all the way from a Walmart in South Dakota to make her go buy some. (I was on a road trip. I hadn’t had real food in days. Don’t judge me.) I get…really excited about combining stuff. But today, something new has happened. I am not the food loving chubby young little sugared out girl I once was, but this afternoon, I received an email that jolted me back to my old self.

Pizza flavored ice-cream. It is a thing. Little Baby’s Ice Cream in Philadelphia created the assumedly phenomenal flavor to help out their neighboring business, Pizza Brain with a Guinness World Book of Records record. Oregano, basil paste, tomato sauce and heavy cream, I am not joking. If you live in or anywhere near Philly, can you go get some and tweet us some pictures and/or your opinion on it? Tweet me (@tholmz) or us (@hellogiggles). If you are running low on time, you could eat dinner and dessert simultaneously! This is brilliance, sheer brilliance.

And in case you were wondering, the email came from my editor. I am not on some weird Pizza or Ice-Cream or Pizza Ice-Cream mailing list.

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