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Osborn Design’s motto is this: “we make beautiful things in beautiful ways.” If this isn’t enough to get you interested in buying their products, without me even telling you what their products are, then I don’t know what’s wrong with you. YOU ARE PROBABLY SOULLESS.

Just kidding, you probably have a soul. But like, a small one.

I really can’t think of a better selling point than what I just told you guys, because that’s what the core of this company is. They are about craft and creation and process, which is refreshing and awesome in a world where most products are mass-produced for mass amounts of people.

Now, I’m not really a fashion-y person. I wear the same thing every day – which, after reading a Vanity Fair article about President Obama, I kind of think makes me a BALLER. The President apparently wears only two types of suits because he wants to eliminate small decisions from his life. I’m going to say that’s my reason, too. Like, I just have too many important things to think about so I’ll just stick to jeans and a white t-shirt.

Anyways, the one place where I feel like I can get into design and fashion is shoes. The shoes at Osborn are perfect for someone like me who wears simple things – I can let the shoes be my fashion statement. I can feel unique while wearing them, and know that they were sourced and produced in Guatemala.

Designed in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and made in Guatemala these shoes are the product of husband and wife duo Aaron and Carla Osborn. The two of them built Osborn from the ground up after becoming  inspired while working at an orphanage in Guatemala. This company isn’t static, it’s not a machine; it feels alive and fun and adventurous. If the closest I can get to being friends with everyone who works at Osborn is by buying a pair of shoes, then I guess I’ll have to settle.

Buy your own pair of Osborn Design shoes here!

You can also take a closer look at how the shoes are made below!

Osborn Hand Crafted from Osborn Design on Vimeo


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