ITEM OF THE DAYItem of the Day: OPA Greek-Style Yogurt Salad DressingChrissa Hardy

No salad is complete without dressing. And you can’t really have a veggie platter without dip. But the dressing game can be a tricky one to play. There are more unhealthy dressings than healthy ones. Particularly when it comes to creamy dressings. I used to put ranch dressing on everything, but that was just asking for trouble. Now, I know what to look for on my food labels. I know which dressings and dips to avoid based on the nutritional info. When I discovered OPA by Litehouse, I knew I could finally enjoy creamy dressings again without the hefty guilt.

Litehouse recently launched OPA – delicious Greek-style yogurt salad dressings that are light on the calories and fat, have zero sugar, and are gluten-free. The dressings are also free of trans-fat, MSG and artificial preservatives; and are made fresh with high-quality ingredients.

These are packed with flavor and are perfect atop your delicious salad, and/or the ideal match for your veggie platter. Flavors include: Caesar, Ranch, Blue Cheese, and my personal favorite – Feta Dill.

OPA_FetaDill_0 OPA_FetaDill


Order yours online or find your nearest grocery location here.


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  1. This is by far the only salad/vegetable dressing that I found that’s good if you have gestational diabetes! Low carb, low calorie, but it doesn’t lack in flavor! I <3 the Feta Dill as well! And I can't wait to try their Blue Cheese!