ITEM OF THE DAYItem of the Day: Old Navy Rockstar Super Skinny JeansJeanne Leitenberg

I like to think my life can be split into two parts: the time before I wore Old Navy Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans and the time after. Seriously. They’re that amazing. After years of spending way too much money on jeans, I am beyond happy to have finally found these (thanks to Tall Girl Tales who raved about them on her blog). Once I put my first pair on, I was hooked. So hooked that I quickly bought two more pairs. Unlike some other skinny jeans, these are very flattering and comfortable. Fortunately, they’re also way affordable. For the price of one pair of designer jeans, you can get like six of these! Which is good since they now come in a ton of different colors.

I can’t tell you how many times people have asked me what kind of jeans I’m wearing. When I inform them they’re from Old Navy, they are shocked. And then they say they’re immediately going to go get themselves a pair too.

  • Erin Dougherty

    I love my rockstar jeans – word of caution though – always check that the leg length matches BEFORE you leave the store.

    I once bought a pair I had to return, and then proceeded to try on a pair, and then find 3 more pairs where the legs just did not match. One was like a capri pant and the others were normal length.

  • Kate Bigam

    I sometimes refer to mine as my Pete Wentz Pants.

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