Item Of The Day: Old Navy Crepe Dress

So a few weeks ago, I was in search of an adorable dress to wear to brunch, and I happened across this gem at Old Navy. It was a cute print, the cut was flattering, it was on sale. At brunch the next day, I got all sorts of compliments from people who assumed I spent way too much money on it at Anthropolgie. So great is this dress, that one of my friends showed up to the same brunch wearing the same thing (fortunately in a different pattern so we weren’t all awkwardly matchy). Also, if you’re into theme dressing for an upcoming holiday that I’m going to pretend doesn’t exist, this dress is also perfect for that.

Check it out at your nearest store, or online here!

  • Alicia Chavez

    I’ve gotten some great dresses at Old Navy too. This winter I found a great little black number for $8 and some other great finds in their (huge) clearance section!

  • Leeann Almanza

    Cute Dress! I wonder how it would like on my figure. It looks like the sort of dress that is flattering to many body types. I miss the old days when people actually got dressed up.

  • Katie Manthe

    I clicked on the site to see the dress and decided I had to have it. Then I clicked on the third pattern option, the keys, and realized that I DO have it! Love it to death.

  • Erica Bauwens

    Seriously this is my favorite dress. I own it in all three colors. It’s the most flattering and comfortable dress I own!

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