Item of the Day – Ninjabread Cookie Kit

I love gingerbread men as much as anyone but let’s be real for a sec here: they’re kinda stiff. Which is why this holiday season I’m giving thanks for the Ninjabread Cookie Kit from Cost Plus World Market, ensuring that my “ho ho hos” include plenty of “hiya!” action!

This cookie kit comes equipped with gingerbread cookie mix, vanilla frosting mix, candy beads and 4 ninja-shaped cookie cutters. Additionally, you’ll need butter, water, honey and powdered sugar to create about 20 of these tough (but sweet) guys. If you’re new to the holiday baking scene and need extra pointers, super straightforward directions are printed on the box on creating both the cookies and mixing up the frosting.

Fair warning though: while these cookies may look too good to eat, fight the urge to save ‘em for too long as the Ninjabread cookies are best enjoyed within 24 hours. Bake and share with friends, or better yet, get a box for a stocking stuffer or two!

The Ninjabread Cookie Kit is available at Cost Plus World Market and

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