ITEM OF THE DAYItem of the Day: New Album "Stronger" By Kate EarlChrissa Hardy

Kate Earl is an Alaskan, small-town dreamer who moved to Los Angeles in search of stardom through her music. This may be a story that has been told several times before, but that doesn’t diminish the bravery and vulnerability that goes along with taking such a life-altering risk. Kate’s sound on her debut album with Downtown Records, “Stronger,” has been described as “a rootsy brand of all-American pop-rock.” She credits the vibe of this album to the long hours she spent working at her parents’ gas station, with the songs of musical legends; Stevie Nicks, Linda Ronstadt, Joni Mitchell and Tom Petty, blasting in the background.

Among the standouts on Stronger are “One Woman Army,” in which she promises, “Here I am, baby, I’m your one-woman army / I’d fight for you, I’ll die, I’ll be your protector.” Kate says she is especially proud of the tune for the way it achieves one of her biggest goals as a songwriter: “It’s one of those songs that you can take to mean whatever it means to you. It can be a love song; it can be about friendship; it can be a song from a parent to a child. I want people to identify with my music like that.”

So, to give you a taste of “Stronger,” the album (that I’m certain) you will feel compelled to buy, here’s the video for “One Woman Army.”

“Stronger” from Downtown Records, is original, uplifting and an intoxicating mix of refreshing and warm, all at once. The album is out  TODAY and is available on iTunes.

Video for “One Woman Army” directed by artist and photographer Matthu Placek.

  • Kristy Bila

    I absolutely love Kate Earl and am so happy she’s finally getting the notice she deserves. Recently I’ve heard her music in Apple commercials and even in Walgreens a couple weeks ago. This is most definitely not her debut album though. I already own 2 by her. A self titled album and Fate is the Hunter.

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