Item Of The Day: Nespresso Essenza

If you’re anything like me, coffee is a vitally important part of your work day.  If you’re lucky, you work somewhere that provides coffee for free.  In my experience, unfortunately, you get what you pay for with that free coffee.

I was deeply fortunate at my last job to have a coworker who had an espresso maker in his office, thereby saving me from choking down the battery acid being served in the kitchen.  Instead, I could go to his office, pick out my Nespresso flavor from his extensive selection, and have a delightful conversation while my beverage brewed.  Of course, nothing good lasts forever, and one day, espresso guy was gone, without a trace.  (We were, for a time, concerned for his well being and not just his lack of coffee, until we tracked him down and made him have lunch with us to prove he’d just left the company unexpectedly, and not been spirited away for some nefarious purpose.)

And since then, it’s been back to the office swill.  For now.  See, I had previously assumed espresso machines were in the price range of ‘not worth it!’  But no more – there is a budget-friendly Nespresso machine, the Essenza, and it might just have to take up residence in my office.  It is a high startup cost, but it is cheaper than Starbucks, and better for my tastebuds than office coffee.  It’s also going to give me an excuse to buy these edible espresso cups.

If you’re not familiar with Nespresso, it is, in my opinion, basically magic.  It’s espresso in tiny single serve pods that works much the same way all those single serve coffee brewers do, except in espresso form and in many fancy flavors.  Need to have one?  Get yours here.

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