Item of the Day: "Music" by JC & Co.

Some friendships are formed from mutual interests. Some friendships come out of that one moment when you know you just click with the person. And some friendships happen because you discovered someone’s music years ago and stalked their career so hard that you inevitably ended up living in the same city, making a documentary about how awesome they are. Is that just me? Whatever.

I’ve been following Jason Chronis’ career for over half a decade and as far as I’m concerned, he’s brilliant. So when he put out an album this year with his band JC & Co., I was immensely excited. It’s a little 60s, a little trippy, and a lot of dream-pop. You can hear his voice in Belaire, after listening to this record, even more clearly. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes music, but especially folks who are into indie pop.

You can download it on Bandcamp HERE.

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