Item of the Day: Movie Posters from Claudia Varosio

There was a time when I used to hang movie posters on my walls. That time was called college and I lived in a dorm room. Now that I’m a grown-up lady living in a grown-up lady apartment, I can’t just use sticky tack to hang up an unframed Say Anything poster. Now, I prefer for my movie posters to be a bit more classy, which is why I love Claudia Varosio’s work.

I first found out about Claudia’s amazing prints when my brother, one of the best gift givers I know, bought me one of her Twin Peaks posters for Christmas. All of her other prints are just as awesome. Some of my favorites include Rear Window, The Virgin Suicides, The Life Aquatic, Harold and Maude, and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. She also has these adorable paper doll prints for famous characters like Margot Tenenbaum.

Those are just some of my favorites – all of Claudia’s work is beautiful and totally different than anything I’ve seen before. You can show off your good taste without feeling like you live in a dorm. Or, if you do live in a dorm, one of these posters can at least make it a lot more bearable. Check out Claudia’s store here and see if she has a poster for your favorite film!

Image via Claudia Varosio