Item of the Day: Millenium General Assembly Jewelry

Jewelry designer Maidel Margulies has a vivacious head of curls and a whimsical sense about her.  She started her company Millenium General Assembly after having recurring dreams about finding trinkets, jewels and little machines in small treasure boxes, suitcases and trees.  The name of her company comes from a collection of poems that Denis Johnson wrote entitled “The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nation’s Millennium General Assembly”, inspired by a throne sculpture of the same name that African American WWII veteran and janitor James Hampton made out of scavenged furniture and recycled materials.  The sculpture was the only piece of art Hampton ever made; he didn’t show it to many people because it held a religious significance to him and he spent 14 years completing it.  Now, the Smithsonian American Art Museum hosts the throne in a 27-foot space.

The Inspiration behind Millenium General Assembly's Jewelry: James Hampton's Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nation's Millennium General Assembly (Image from Smithsonian American Art Museum)

Like the story behind James Hampton’s sculpture, Maidel’s jewelry has a sense of history and mystique.  Using salvaged metal materials, antique watch chains, Victorian fobs, buckles, love tokens and toys, Maidel crafts unique customized necklaces, bracelets, key/belt chains, and earrings reminiscent of steam punk jewelry, with an added touch of delicacy and elegance.  It’s hard to decide which piece to highlight as an “Item of the Day”, so comment below with the piece you most like from her Etsy page and like Millenium General Assembly on Facebook.  My personal favorite, for all you writers and readers out there, is this necklace with a little pencil and notepad.

Millenium General Assembly Necklace

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