Item of the Day: Mickey Mouse Limited Edition Moleskine

I’ve made my love for notebooks pretty clear, I think. But I’ve also expressed much love for Moleskine, specifically their special edition notebooks like the Star Wars series.

But coming out today they have a new limited edition series: Mickey Mouse!

EVERYONE likes Mickey Mouse, you guys! And (at least in my head) everyone loves Moleskines so this is a match made in heaven.

Moleskine was nice enough to send me the new notebook to give it a little test run so here are some pictures of that.

Here's the cover with an embossed Mickey face!

Here’s the cover with an embossed Mickey face!

AND – if you’ve ever wanted to draw Mickey Mouse there is a tutorial booklet inside. (Spoiler alert: I’m still not a good drawer, but maybe you are!)

drawing guide moleskine

I’m guessing you’re a better drawer than I am!

Adorable interior cover with Mickey all over!

Adorable interior cover with Mickey all over!

I personally like the pocket-sized Moleskines so you can carry them everywhere with you but they also have Mickey in the Large size if you don’t agree with me!

Large ($24; 5 x 8.25) and pocket-sized ($18.95; 3.5 x 5.5); available in plain and ruled formats.

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