Item Of The Day: Meow Box Jewellery's Macaroon Necklace

Another jewellery IOTD from me but, hey, I used to work in the industry so it’s a bit of a passion of mine. This time let’s mix jewellery and food with the beautiful creations from Meow Box Jewellery.

I can’t quite work out if these pieces are either really great for dieters or really bad…either way, they are as tempting as actual yummy treats and far fewer calories.* They rings are adjustable for size (why don’t more jewellery makers do this?) and the diamante detailing on some of the products is a brilliant touch. In fact, all the detailing is just fantastic for such well-priced items.

I only recently discovered how delicious macaroons are so, in honour of this, my favourite is the Miniature Macaroon Necklace. An honourable mention has to go to the Alice ‘Drink Me’ bottle below, which should delight every girl (like me) who was lost in her books as a child.

* Disclaimer: They may well have calorific value if eaten. Or poisonous value.

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