Item of the Day: Matryoshka Doll iPhone case

Don’t ask me why, but lately I’ve been into Matryoshka Dolls, aka Nesting dolls. Prolls representing my Russian heritage hard, NBD. A quick Google search provides some fascinating variations of these puppies. There are Obama nesting dolls, Political leader nesting dolls, Dog, Cat and various cartoon character varieties. I myself am feeling the traditional ones. Call me old fashioned. Since it would be kind of awkward for me to carry around the dolls and entertain myself with stacking, unstacking, opening closing, etc. I’ve come up with the next best thing; appreciating their aesthetic qualities handily and readily on my phone. While I am trying to lessen my iPhone addiction, I’m not an animal – my phone still needs a cover. And I’ll leave it to these little happy Matryoshka to help me out. Ura!!!

Available at

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