Item Of The Day: Marc By Marc Jacobs Classic Q Karlie Bag

I am not really a purse person.  Until the age of 23, all of my purses were either LeSportsac, or prominently featured Hello Kitty.  Even now, I’m sort of afraid of ‘nice bags’ and I only carry things that are H&M or Nine West.  I do not geek out over designer bags, mostly because I can’t afford them and quite often because I just don’t think they look that nice.

This might be the purse that changes all that for me, since I saw it over the summer and still can’t stop thinking about it.  It’s the Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Karlie crossbody flap bag (how’s that for a name?).  I like the pebbly texture of the leather, I like the vibrant colors it comes in, I like that you can take off the chain and turn it into an awesome clutch.  If I ever trust myself to own a purse that costs more than $50, this is going to be the one.

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