Item of the Day: MacroLife Macro Greens

All right, hands up if you ever find yourself going through periods of “health insanity” wherein you decide to put down the french fries (no, I miss you, fried potatoes!!)  and pick up all these insane supplements to get your life back on track.  While most normal people would just advocate moderation when it comes to diet and nutrition, most normal people aren’t me and I’m not capable of anything sensible – I prefer to go whole hog, and as such, I’ve dropped all takeaways, sugar and white flour from my diet at once. Oh, and I’ve quit smoking. Imagine what a joy I am to be around!

Well, to be honest, I haven’t been that bad – and I’m pretty sure it has a bit to do with the fact that I’ve been taking MacroLife Naturals‘ Macro Greens every day. I was in Whole Foods a few week back and, on a whim, decided to pick up a couple of individual packets of the stuff to try out. Try it out I did, and I loved it. A few days later, I returned for a 30 day supply and I’ve been taking it ever since. I absolutely love it – it’s packed with a ton of good stuff, from probiotics (18 billion units!) and cracked cell-wall chlorella, spirulina, barley grass to natural plant enzymes, fibre, vitamins and more. There’s literally too much for me to list – but for the curious, you can read them all here. Plus, if all that wasn’t enough, it has no sugar, no fillers and is not tested on animals. Have I mentioned I’m obsessed with this stuff?

The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that it massively helps my cravings with unhealthy stuff. Whereas I used to be a sugar fiend and constantly after takeaways on a daily basis, I find that with taking the Macro Greens daily, I don’t really have a huge appetite, and when I do, I crave healthier, more substantial stuff. I went in to Dunkin’ Donuts this morning to get a coffee and literally turned away from the shelf of Boston Kremes. That should tell you something. In addition, I just have more energy, I sleep way better, my skin looks brighter and I just feel “healthier”. The placebo effect? Maybe, but I don’t think so.

Because I’m a completist when it comes to focusing my obsessions, I also take the Miracle Reds daily and I absolutely love it – it supports cardio health, is a great source of ORAC and tastes damn good, as well. Full ingredients (which includes but is certainly not limited to goji berries, mangosteen, persimmon, beets, tumeric and acai) can be found here.

These products can be a bit pricey if bought direct from the manufacturer, but you can also get a great deal on Amazon, picking up a 90 day supply for the price of a 60 day one, if you’re a bargain hunter like myself. Either way, get some – you won’t regret it. And don’t forget to check out the MacroLife Naturals website for more on their other products!

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