Item of the Day: Macaroni and Cheese Mug

Macaroni rules. It’s an art supply, an essential food group and pays homage to a most fashionable type of man. There are various kinds – and what other food can you think of that tips its hat to the ELBOW (a seriously underrated body part).  There’s a song dedicated to it. And cheese! FROMAGE, ah the sweet, salty, stickiness that is beloved curdled lactose. Let’s not get started on which kind is best – that could come to blows. Together they’re the culinary equivalent of a Barry White song. This too cute mug from Zazzle gets it. Macaroni and cheese belong together. Mugs are great for eating mac’n’cheese out of. They’re also good for, you know, all those other things mugs are good for.

Available in 10 CUSTOMAZIBLE colors. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

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