Item of the Day: Lucy's Gluten-Free Cookies

When it comes to eating sweets, I tend to consume blindly. I eat whatever looks or tastes good, and if I don’t feel well later on, I just assume that it was because I ate junk food and maybe I shouldn’t do that anymore. I don’t have any dietary restrictions other than being allergic to quinoa (which is, of course, the superhero of foods right now), but I do love a baked treat that is on the healthy side and still actually tastes good. Those are hard to find.

Lucy’s Cookies are baked without wheat, gluten, dairy milk, butter, eggs, casein, peanuts or tree nuts. They’re delicious snacks for anyone with or without dietary restrictions. They come in a variety of flavors – Sugar Cookies, Ginger Snaps, Chocolate Chip, and more.

Find your nearest retailer here or order online here.


  • Niki Stacey

    I was so surprised at how good these were. I recently found out that I have sensitivity to gluten, egg, dairy, and yeast. I bake a lot because I can’t find anything quick that I can eat. Then along came these. In Calgary, AB you can buy them at Co-Op :)

  • Maria Norton

    Anyone who is sensitive to quinoa may also want to avoid Bolivian Canahua, quinoa’s cousin.

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