Item of the Day – Lomography La Sardina Cameras

When I think of summer, I think of the good ol’ days and when I think of the good ol’ days, I think analog. I think of my nana’s alarm clock with the numbers that flipped each minute and hour, I think of phones with buttons and dials and I think of rolls of film. Lots and lots of rolls of film.

My girls over at Lomography (hi, ladies!) sent me an email the other morning telling me about their new La Sardina cameras, designed with the summer and the beach in mind. Not only are they the cutest little things in all of this season’s best colors, but they’re meant to capture your memories. Is there anything greater than a camera? I think not.

There are tons of styles over at the Lomography website and I’m pretty sure you can find non-summery versions and tons of Lomo film at just about any Urban Outfitters store.

[Image courtesy of Lomography]