Item Of The Day: Lipton Superfruit Green Tea

I am a sucker for two things: any food item that has the word “New!” emblazoned on it and anything that is supposed to make me healthier. This means that I’m obligated to try every new flavor of Oreo that happens and that I eat kale without entirely being sure why. Occasionally, “new” and “healthy” combine into one awesome item, like Lipton Superfruit Green Teas. Some of the flavors have been around for awhile (one of my old coworkers used to make fun of me for drinking the one with “mangosteen” in the name), but they’ve recently stepped up their game with delicious new flavors. My personal favorite is the Acai, Dragonfruit, and Melon. Imagine a watermelon Jolly Rancher. Now take all the sugar and artificial colors out, and imagine that flavor in a tea full of flavonoids (whatever those are) and antioxidants, and you have this tea. It is the perfect way to beat your afternoon energy slump without having to make a trip to the vending machine.

Available many places; I find Target has the best selection and prices. Or, have it conveniently delivered to your door.