Item of the Day: LeSportsac Luggage

You know that awkward moment when you’re huddled around the baggage carousel with all of the strangers that totally bugged you on your six hour flight from New England to Los Angeles and your eyes are fixed on the luggage drop because you’re worried one of those jagweeds is going to “mistakenly” grab your boring black suitcase? Okay, so I’m super cranky when it comes to baggage claim, but if you can relate to the above situation on any level, I have a solution to your problem.

I’m knee-deep in my LeSportsac phase right now and it’s because they keep releasing items that are just too cool and unique for me to ignore. The Classic collection offers amazing designs for their wheeled luggage that are sure to stand out among the blur of plain black suitcases that never seem distinct enough for their owners to easily spot.

These fun and bright designs might not be for everyone. I wear bright shoes, bright clothes and bright accessories. I know, Nicki Minaj and I would make obnoxiously perfect twinsies. So this luggage is perfectly paired with my style. There are several super cute designs to choose from and since it’s LeSportsac, you’ll get to enjoy these high quality pieces for a long time.

You’re clothes represent the unique and wonderful individual that you are. So shouldn’t the bag you keep those clothes in, also show off your unique style? Why not, right? Pick up your sweet new luggage here.

Image via LeSportsac

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