Item of the Day

You know when you have a favorite indie band and you don’t want to tell anyone about them because if they get famous they’ll  be like, ruined? You know, like your secret indie band that seems as though it was created specifically for you is now touring in Japan and has real merch that wasn’t made by the lead singer and bassist in the garage of their mom’s house in New Hampshire? And you’re like, “But everyone knows I liked them first when they were actually good, right? I’m their biggest fan and no one else gets them the way I do because I was there for them when they were just some idiots jamming out in a rented out YMCA.”

That’s how I feel about turbans, because I’m about to make turbans really popular.

Once this post goes up and people I interact with see how cool I look, I’m pretty sure turbans will become the new fedora, which I’m already dreading. The leopard print one that I bought last week should be coming any day now and once this thing is in my possession, I will only stop wearing it to hand wash it in my bathroom sink once every two weeks.

Anyway, get them while they’re still cool, but know that I’m always going to feel like I’m personally responsible for their success.

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